Our Experience

Colorado Cultural Research Associates owner and principal investigator Thomas Carr has worked as a professional archaeologist, historic preservation specialist, and photographer in the Rocky Mountain region for over 25 years. He holds a BA and MA in anthropology and is listed on the Register of Professional Archaeologists. He is also a member of the Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists and is permitted by the Colorado Office of the State Archaeologist. He has work in both the private sector and government, and understands how to balance the needs of various projects. Examples of some of his professional experience include serving as the Principal Investigator on numerous archaeological survey and excavation projects, research grant management and review, technical and feature writing, museum exhibit development, National Register of Historical Places research and writing, curriculum development for K-12 and college level archaeology classes, and photographic documentation that include digital, level II medium format film, HABS/HEAR large format film, and videography services.

Why Us?

Colorado Cultural Research Associates (CCRA) provides quality cultural resource management services for government and private sector clients.  Formed in 2016, CCRA approaches projects with a combination of responsible preservation philosophy, economic sensibility, and cultural sensitivity.